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Practically Shakespeare

school shakespeare yahoo Yahoo Answer Fails - 4648719104
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When You Hit the Right Angle...

school - 8148937472
Created by Unknown

I'm Not Gonna Lie: That's Impressive

arts college farts graffiti school - 7925748224
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They Were Both Ahead of Their Time... Or Something

class school philosophy picasso - 7036824832
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You Can't Make Me!

school sign truancy story - 6563389696
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It Doesn't Get Much More Legit Than This

school kids parenting seems legit - 8307143168

There Will Be Gut-Busting Laughs All Around!

school college - 8384291584
Created by anselmbe

Pop Quiz Time

school - 7066717696
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Problem, Teacher?

homework school teacher problems math - 7153195776
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Goddamn Hipsters...

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We Should've Called It "Answer Key"

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Classroom Troll

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Created by My2ndAlterEgo

Pucker Up, Ladies

funny memes girls kissing mirror at school
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It's Trying, But You Should Try It

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Created by Unknown

"I Did My Best, I Really Did!"

cake school tests exams - 7892389376
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Hey Bro, You Got a Little Somethin'...

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