Art of Trolling

Mormon Chat

They're Taking the Mormons to Isengard.

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By darkautocon


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By Unknown

An Honest Mistake

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By Yanov

Even the Lord Turned His Back on Me

forever alone Mormon Chat - 4309190656
By Unknown

New Convert

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By Zinge

Mormons, How Do They Troll?

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Your Science Is Golden

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Mormons are Getting Violent...

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By frolic_1917

Mormon Voodo

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By BILLYjoe91

The Morm Is Strong with This One

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By salOCTOfly

Gay Debate

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By Unknown

Can't Tell if Trolling or New Here

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Has Mormons Ever Trolled

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No Sense of Humor

humor jokes Mormon Chat oven puns - 4175950848
By riethy