Art of Trolling

Mormon Chat

Red, Preferably of the Boxed Variety

Mormon Chat wine dinner food - 6863787264
By f4-wulfhoud

Mormons of Bel-Air

bel air fresh prince Mormon Chat mormons - 4394715648
By tmikea31

Fake Mormons

fake magnets Mormon Chat neighbors - 4262516992
By silenthunder

They're Taking the Mormons to Isengard.

literature Lord of the Rings Mormon Chat - 5599668736
By darkautocon

I Do Like Them a Little More Now

monty python mormon Mormon Chat quest - 5037754112
By Unknown

What If Pumpkins Aren't In Season?

goddess Mormon Chat pumpkins religion - 5597925120
By business1405

No Sense of Humor

humor jokes Mormon Chat oven puns - 4175950848
By riethy

You Are Pulling Me Apart, Frederike!

energy magnet Mormon Chat the room - 4266467328
By Pedotroll

Hero Trolling

hero link Mormon Chat legend of zelda video game - 6892421120
By Glockenhiemer

Mormon Voodo

magnets Mormon Chat mormons rude - 4562857984
By BILLYjoe91

Obviously Prefers Doggystyle

church Mormon Chat - 4249469696
By Juniarrr

Much Better

boring lance Mormon Chat zayne - 4263530752
By Unknown

Never Gonna Call You Back

hotline Mormon Chat rickroll - 4304810752
By Unknown

God's Will Be Trolled

bar jokes metal Mormon Chat - 4272194048
By Unknown

Aw SH--! Did He Just Do THat?

mormon Mormon Chat star wars stormtrooper the force - 4470895360
By 123bomb123

Aquard Man

fish Mormon Chat puns water - 4273308416
By Unknown