Art of Trolling

Mormon Chat

First You Come to My House, Now This

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By Inevitibility

For the Record, He Answered Two Questions

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By Marwa7tak

An Honest Mistake

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By Yanov

The Church Has Some Pull to It

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By -Crow-

We've been asking the wrong people the whole time!

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By Unknown

New Convert

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By Unknown

You Just Seem So Good at Intrusive Procedures

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By Phlarps

Jebus Is Not Happy

Mormon Chat - 4284876288
By Unknown

The Only Way

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By John H.

Obviously Prefers Doggystyle

church Mormon Chat - 4249469696
By Juniarrr

We Got a Convert!

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By chrispayou

They're Taking the Mormons to Isengard.

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By darkautocon

Barricade your doors!

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By Tikigodzood

I Understand It

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By hambob

It's My God in a Box!

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By Gaidenrider

God's Will Be Trolled

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By Unknown