Art of Trolling

Mormon Chat

With Apologies to Emo Philips

coffee Mormon Chat - 4493604352
Created by Alsius

Why They'll Never Figure Out Magnets

gender men Mormon Chat mormons women - 4350128128
Created by Iirima

Pastor Win, Troll Fail.

ICP magnets mormon Mormon Chat - 4693137152
Created by Unknown

The Morm Is Strong with This One

batman Mormon Chat prophet sith star wars sword - 4305034496
Created by salOCTOfly

Lemon of Troy

lemon Mormon Chat mormons slang - 4278466048
Created by GregTheTraceur

We've been asking the wrong people the whole time!

magnets Mormon Chat mormons questions windows - 4475613696
Created by Unknown

PWND by a Mormon

Mormon Chat magnets wikipedia - 4268083456
Created by arkdude

We Got a Convert!

Mormon Chat mormons - 4393582336
Created by chrispayou

Your Science Is Golden

golden heavy Mormon Chat science - 4284944128
Created by Unknown

I Do Like Them a Little More Now

monty python mormon Mormon Chat quest - 5037754112
Created by Unknown

Braden's Got You There, Bro

Mormon Chat noob Sad - 4366929664
Created by Unknown

Married Women Aren't Allowed On the Internet

horses magnets married mormon Mormon Chat - 5494603264
Created by ChickenBird

Mormon Voodo

magnets Mormon Chat mormons rude - 4562857984
Created by BILLYjoe91

Nathanael is My Favourite Mormon

Mormon Chat awesome magnets - 4293465600
Created by MC Hammer

Red, Preferably of the Boxed Variety

Mormon Chat wine dinner food - 6863787264
Created by f4-wulfhoud

Doesn't Matter, Wasted Your Time

first letter Mormon Chat mormons owned - 6036789760
Created by Sugar Sugar Aww Honey Honey
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