Art of Trolling

Mormon Chat

No Sense of Humor

humor jokes Mormon Chat oven puns - 4175950848
Created by riethy

They couldn't figure out what Llorta is backwards...

Mormon Chat die dance - 6895537920
Created by spicymchaggis013

Jesus Does Not Condone Violence

angry birds Mormon Chat video games - 5729859328
Created by R.Nichols

I Want Magic and Magnets

boring magician Mormon Chat mormons - 6299702784
Created by MorganB123


delivery Mormon Chat mormons polygamy - 4603918592
Created by Unknown


ash Mormon Chat Pokémon - 4289097984
Created by Zinge

Called Upon

god Mormon Chat mormons prophet skype - 4346360832
Created by Pieter

Mormons are Getting Violent...

Mormon Chat rick roll wtf - 4359631872
Created by frolic_1917

Mormons Join In

drugs fitness its a trap Mormon Chat mormons zayne - 4289261312
Created by Unknown

You Are Pulling Me Apart, Frederike!

energy magnet Mormon Chat the room - 4266467328
Created by Pedotroll

Mormon Voodo

magnets Mormon Chat mormons rude - 4562857984
Created by BILLYjoe91

You're the Best, Man

magnets man Mormon Chat the best wedding - 4652261888
Created by GeorgeMcBob

Inside Man

gay mormon Mormon Chat - 4393295616
Created by Lawson

Mormons of Bel-Air

bel air fresh prince Mormon Chat mormons - 4394715648
Created by tmikea31

Has Anyone?

Memes Mormon Chat - 4394593024
Created by dreadman

It's My God in a Box!

andy samberg Like a Boss Mormon Chat mormons saturday night live - 4467185152
Created by Gaidenrider
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