Art of Trolling


Trauma Cycle

gifs kids trolling - 8757028608
By tamaleknight

"Naw Man, We Shoulda Turned Right at the Happy Acres Fire Station!"

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Ding-Dong Ditch...

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By Kizuna31

10/10 Would Hire Again

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By Unknown

A Donation from a Bad Cause

bad kids pedobear - 4076283392
By that_13th_dude

She's a Perfect Angel

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By Unknown

You're Telling Me Parents Don't Love Indoor Sandboxes?

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By Unknown


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By MasterPenguin

Kids Are Fantastic!

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By Unknown

Find Her a Dumpster to Leave It In

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By Rose (Via

Protein for Developing Brains

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By tamaleknight

Le Most Direct Route

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By freshbru


Babies abuse kids nipples piercing - 4081118976
By Unknown

Kids Are Weird

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This Looks Like a Job for Pedobear

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By Seasoned Professional

Gotta at Least Love the Kid's Sense of Realism

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By Unknown