Art of Trolling


The Shirt Speaks Truth

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Next Picasso Right Here

school art kids olaf parenting frozen painting Nailed It - 8385302784

Kids Are Weird

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Haha, You're Weird Now!

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Nice Try, Jackie

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Ten Points for Cleverness

funny test memes ten words i can spell correctly
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Happy Birthday, Chump

man shoving a child's face into a cake during a birthday party
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Totally Worth It

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Can't Tell If Trolling or Just Eight Years Old

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World's Best Babysitter Is Right On Yahoo Answers

Pedobear offers to help babysit the kids when woman complains about the topic on Yahoo Answers
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Kids Are Diabolical Little Bastards

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This Instagram Account Ensures You're Aware of All the Devilish, Vaguely Endearing Nuances That Come With Raising Kids

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Magnus vs. Magnets

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Can't Tell if Pedobear or Just Angry

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At Least the Kid is Learning Ingenuity

funny memes car keys in safe
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Have at It, Buddy!

Babies daycare kids lady fun bags Omegle sexytime - 4585792000
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