Art of Trolling



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Dylan Knows What's Up

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Assassin Dad

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You're Not Wrong, I Suppose

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Modern Warfare

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Best of April Fools: Kid Free Flights!

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The Tooth Fairy Demands a Higher Standard of Working Conditions

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Parenting hacks by physics professor  Robert A.McNees on how to get your kids to love reading

Ways Parents Tricked Their Young Children Into Loving Reading

Reverse psychology at its best
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This Baby Girl Meets Her Dad's Twin Brother for the First Time, And Her Reaction is Priceless

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His Dad is Captain Obvious

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The Shirt Speaks Truth

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Take Your Kids to Work Day Is the Worst

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Kids Love Bagpipes!

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Packaging Fail

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Jimmy Kimmel Honors Father's Day Tradition With Compilation of Kids Pranking Their Dads

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