Art of Trolling


Still a Bad Deal

IRL kids sale Target - 5441203456
By muench
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Hey Kid, What Time is It?

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Though Sometimes I Like It When She Stays Asleep

creepy kids monster pedobear Yahoo Answer Fails - 4897115136
By Trollednrolled

"Naw Man, We Shoulda Turned Right at the Happy Acres Fire Station!"

kids parenting Maps - 8381393664

"Hello There, Friends..."

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Doesn't Get Any More Legit Than This

kids moms school parenting - 8096102144
By Unknown

Wise Beyond His Years

kids wisdom book women - 6987924480
By freshbru

Totally Worth It

kids therapy parenting - 8141414656

"I'm No Longer an Only Child Thanks to You!"


Protein for Developing Brains

kids parenting vegan - 8575678976
By tamaleknight

Happy Birthday, Chump

man shoving a child's face into a cake during a birthday party
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Learn the Art of a Classic Prank From This Master Troll

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By Unknown

Highschool Dropout? Pfft. I'm a Preschool Dropout!

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By zranzax


Chat Roulette dancing kids threat - 3799531264
By Unknown

Kids Love Bagpipes!

kids bagpipes parenting - 8128159488