Art of Trolling


Back Off!

gifs ouch soccer - 8303168000

Yes, Yes, Yes...

gifs so close - 8093377024
Created by Unknown

Yeah, You Can Totally Make That

cat cute gifs IRL push Sad - 6227094016
Created by GalderGollum

Water Jet Cutting an Apple in Half

apples gifs - 8259919360

Do You Want Your Kid to Have Nightmares?

Via mrtb

Ladies, Your Knight in Shining Armor Has Arrived!

gifs horse mask - 8169338112

Lookin' Fine!

photobomb gifs creepers wink - 8455309056
Created by ToolBee

So Majestic

gifs fireworks - 8160520192

Trolling Your Teammate

baseball gifs sports MLB - 8175140608

Trolled by an Inanimate Object


A Tale of Anguish, Loss, Sadness, and Most of All, Hope

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Via 5secondfilms

Sorry About Your Spine, Bro

ouch gifs fail nation g rated - 8426098432
Via opsas

Need a Drink?

drinks gifs water - 7742766336
Created by Unknown

You've Got Something on You...

bugs gifs - 8270387200

Suddenly, An Office!

gifs - 8053039616

"Long Live the KING!"

Cats gifs - 8183285760