Art of Trolling


Moonwalking: You're Doing It Right

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Always Have an Accomplice

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That Picture Looks Pretty Grisly


All Guys Turn Into Chefs on Dates

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How to Get Kicked Out of Wal-Mart in One Easy Step

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Created by Emi_Chan

Nice Try, Tony Romo

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I Don't Want to Beat Around the Bush

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No Power for You

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Sorry About Your Spine, Bro

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Thought I Smelled Smoke

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Created by beernbiccies

Get Up, Fool! You're Fine!

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That's How You Do Marketing

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Apple's Newest is Going to Change The World

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3... 2... 1...

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"It is Not in the Stars to Hold Our Destiny, But in Ourselves"

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You Did That on Purpose!

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Created by Zencowboy