Art of Trolling


That is Wildly Inappropriate, Good Sir!

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Oh You Want Back Inside, Do You?

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Created by Juz

How to Wake Up a Lazy Coworker

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I'll Take That!

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Oh, You Look so Cute!

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Sorry About Your Spine, Bro

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Best Book Ever!

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Created by tamaleknight

Ducks Fall for It Too

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"The Only Thing That Can Beat Me is a Queen"

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Created by anselmbe

A Tale of Anguish, Loss, Sadness, and Most of All, Hope

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Stahp It!

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"Sir! How Do You Feel About Being on the Air Trying to Report the News RIGHT NOW?"

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Created by SatevisM
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Don't You Know This Kind of Picture is Cliche?

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How 2 Donwloed Super Fast U Guis

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