Art of Trolling


What's This Button Do?

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Created by anselmbe

That's for Pooping All Over My Car!

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Beware of Wild Curlers

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"Passive Mode Will Prevent Damage and Physical Contact Between You and Other Players"

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Nick Young is Now Enchanted

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Go Get It!

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Get Up, Fool! You're Fine!

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You'll Never Believe the Ending of This Magic Trick

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This Kid Fake Cried So He Could Get a Hug From Nicki Minaj


Get Away From My Family!

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Created by tentoes2

That's How You Do Marketing

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The Poop Emoji Isn't Poop


A Tale of Anguish, Loss, Sadness, and Most of All, Hope

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Via 5secondfilms

P-p-l-lea-s-se S-s-s-top!

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Zombie Apocalypse Prank!

Via TrumpetSkeletonOfTheAbyss

The Best Way to Use the Spy in Team Fortress 2

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