Art of Trolling


Instant Karma

gifs karma - 8252126464

My 1 Tru Luv

gifs wolverine - 8185157888

Fireworks: Master Troll Edition

gifs fireworks - 8202215168

You Mess With a Stranger's Hair, You're Gonna Get Slapped

Via pontifex22

You'll Never Believe the Ending of This Magic Trick

trolling gif middle finger magic trick

Pantsing as a Means to Get Gym Access to Gym Equipment

gym gifs exercise pants pranks - 8204024832
By beernbiccies

This Elephant Has Some Serious Talent

gifs elephants - 8212304384

The Means to Make Unlimited Chocolate

mindwarp gifs chocolate - 8384871936
By jyonasan1957

The Look on His Face When He Reaches the Smallest One is Priceless

gifs - 8336961792

You Are SO Dead, Friend...

birthdays gifs kids parenting - 8152045312

My Music is Hardcore

gifs marching band apple band - 8279978752

Play It Cool

gifs relationships dating - 8138286336

Got My New iPhone 1000! Do You?

apple iphone gifs iphone 6 - 8335884288

Ay Bby How U Doin'?


Just Wait Until The End Of This GIF

mindwarp gifs cars - 8483853568
By anselmbe

Look Out! R.O.U.S.!

gifs - 8275184896
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