Art of Trolling


Hey, Hey Dude

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Created by littledevil9

DK is Back to Kick Some Kid Tail

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Via Cheezburger

J.R. Smith Tries to Get Ahead of the Competition by Untying Shoes

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Apple's Newest is Going to Change The World

Via B3TA

Suddenly, An Office!

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I've eaten bigger burritos than you, kid

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Created by bubbacatlove

Exiting The Scene With Style

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Created by ToolBee


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C'mere, Cutey Tight-Pants

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Created by Unknown

This Kid Fake Cried So He Could Get a Hug From Nicki Minaj


Hey Idiot, Quit Walking on Thin Ice

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Created by GalderGollum

Way to Chuck That Paper Right Back at Him, Norris!


Jokes Like That Won't Fly in Space

Via Pinkamenace

The Classic Batman Icefishing Prank

Via rbs2


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Dude, Punch Me in the Nuts! I'm Ready!

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Created by Unknown
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