Art of Trolling


Amazing Troll

youtube comments amazing - 6659015168
By 3d (Via Youtube)

I Totally Relate

hair wtf comments facebook - 6866483200
By mstsnitro

If It Is, Therefore It Is Not

cat comments youtube - 5648997120
By Unknown

Horseradish Isn't an Instrument Either

comments youtube marching band - 6716345600

This Would Be a Bad Thing Because....

comments youtube - 7122313728
By treec_cynda

I Don't Want to See Football Lovers

comments fan youtube - 5776972032
By Unknown

The Cake

youtube comments the cake is a lie - 6653412352
By killerunicorn7

More Contagious Than Ur Biebs

bieber fever queen comments youtube - 7079279872
By Unknown


comments table flip youtube - 6691185920
By MooseTahKrakish

Paul Lehrer: Maker of Valid Points

comments - 7817879552
By Unknown

Emptying Bowls

comments bathroom - 7049909248
By Unmocked (Via Passiveaggressivenotes)

Works on Comments Too!

altf4 comments Omegle - 4393248256
By Unknown
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The Lesser of Two Annoyances

comments like shift youtube - 5586567424
By PryoguyNine
comments social media Video - 82562049

With These Video Responses by Weird Puppets, You'll Never Have to Write Your Own Comments on Social Media Again

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Maybe If There Is an Agent 48...

comments youtube vote - 6982076928
By axe0229