Art of Trolling


RIP Captain James Picard, May the Force Be With You

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Gods of Music

youtube Music comments - 6660812544
Created by Unknown

This Would Be a Bad Thing Because....

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First! First!

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Troll Gates

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Created by X9Cinema
some real self importance titans

15 Self Important Mind Titans Who Really Brought the Intellectual Heat

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Maybe Red Balls next

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Created by Jackelboy

It's Intellectually Disabled, You Insensitive Brat

comments same Yahoo Answer Fails - 4825979904
Created by Lethandhrel

Okey Dokey

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They're Obviously Both Real

real comments youtube Bill Gates - 6883203840
Created by Xray_Doc

Hunting Watermelons Is Tough

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Cheezburger Comment Editing Troll

cheezburger comments trolling edit - 7019880448
Created by Zinkr7

Will the Real Chuck Norris Please Stand Up

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