Art of Trolling


Gods of Music

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By Unknown

Stahp... Please

comments stahp facebook - 6843965952
By Unknown

Her Mom's Got It Going On

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By aj13696 (Via

Classic: You Don't Say!

comments fake train youtube - 5610947840
By rasmukas

Paul Lehrer: Maker of Valid Points

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By Unknown

I Guess You Better Do an Internet

comments youtube - 6377409280
By StickmanShot

Above and Beyond

42 comments thumbs up youtube - 4698414848
By Resonance (Via

Well, he has a point.

freddie mercury comments alive - 6816271616

Beer Hold Can That Me I Do

comments youtube nonsense - 7018027008
By Sonic_Bro_knee

An Hero*

comments - 6393255680

The More You Know

comments youtube language - 6837106688
By Unknown

Maybe Red Balls next

crack comments youtube - 7022234624
By Jackelboy

Damn It, Ken

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Via Horsey Surprise

Manthemanis Screwed

comments youtube - 6422072064
By Splaaaty

Oh Youtubers...

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By gregoman3000

RIP Captain James Picard, May the Force Be With You

comments dead rip - 7041884928
By Unknown
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