Art of Trolling


They must be Time Lords!

Music comments Lord of the Rings youtube - 6979781376
By Unknown

Glad to See You Survived the Lawnmower Incident

holes fashion comments youtube pants - 6903656960
By Unknown

Manthemanis Screwed

comments youtube - 6422072064
By Splaaaty

Gods of Music

youtube Music comments - 6660812544
By Unknown

Above and Beyond

42 comments thumbs up youtube - 4698414848
By Resonance (Via
comments global warming Video - 79638785

The Best Way to Leave a Polite Comment on a Video About Global Warming

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Troll Paradise

comments editing facebook news - 6370824960
By Unknown
comments the internets Video - 81224193

Watch Samantha Bee Guess if These 'Bracing' Internet Comments are Real or Fake

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Oh Youtubers...

comments youtube - 6576828416
By gregoman3000

I Don't Want to See Football Lovers

comments fan youtube - 5776972032
By Unknown

Yeah, But, VEVO Didn't Censor the F-Word!

youtube comments math - 6658944768
By Unknown

No! I'm Funnier!

the Beatles comments youtube - 6753091072
By blahblahblah3000

The Real Chuck

comments youtube chuck norris - 6881786624
By HSRandmehateCOD

My Child Only Wears the Finest Modesty Diapers

Babies diapers comments - 6696476928
By Unknown

Maybe If There Is an Agent 48...

comments youtube vote - 6982076928
By axe0229


chuck e cheese comments - 6816575232
By iamhxllywxxd4