Art of Trolling


Hate That

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By Unknown

Let Us Know in the Comments (That Don't Exist!)

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By Spencitron

Oh. Snap.

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By S.

Her Mom's Got It Going On

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By aj13696 (Via
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LOL Space Shuttle Challenger

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OMG I'm Looking at This in America, Speak American

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With These Video Responses by Weird Puppets, You'll Never Have to Write Your Own Comments on Social Media Again

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Will the Real Chuck Norris Please Stand Up

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By Unknown

A Complex Emoticon Algorithm

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By Unknown


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I Guess You Better Do an Internet

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By StickmanShot


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By bob

Comment Section of Recipe for Making Ice Is Hilarious

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Thanks, I'll Get Right on That

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The More You Know

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By Unknown

They're Obviously Both Real

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By Xray_Doc