Tom Brady for 2016!

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Funny dank memes, credit card declines memes, reddit memes, therapy, tattoo artists | Tattoo artist tattoo is done. Credit card *declines* Tattoo artist : peeling potato | Doctor removed bullet skull My card declines Doctor made with mematic person pointing gun at themselves

'Credit Card Declines' Memes Imagine Salty Instances Of Revenge

Glad the people who serve us are not this petty.
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#LeBroning is Now a Thing

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The FBI Honors Burt Macklin, Chris Pratt's Most Ridiculous "Parks and Rec" Altar Ego


No One Cares, Just Shut Up

Funny memes, tweets, and tumblr posts collected from Reddit, r/brandnewsentence | Molly Hodgdon @Manglewood His kiss slow, but firm and unyielding like an old man backing his Lincoln Town OCar over handicapped parking sign. | Dylan Sprouse @dylansprouse Happy two year anniversary. Here's us looking more alike with each passing year until single beast with four arms and four legs runs at top speed 50mph and screams like baboon at nearby travelers trespassing into our woods many more!

Creative Posts From Internet Poets

Move over, Shakespeare.
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She'll be Here All Week, Folks

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2016 is Going to Be Interesting

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