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She'll be Here All Week, Folks

twitter failbook - 8197334528
Via Kim Kardashian

Sorry, Ya Hosers!

canadians stephen colbert twitter thanksgiving - 7928249344
By Unknown

The Right to Speak With Your Gun

guns twitter facepalm parenting - 8427735808
Via asphalt_incline
Funny memes, tweets, and tumblr posts collected from Reddit, r/brandnewsentence | Molly Hodgdon @Manglewood His kiss slow, but firm and unyielding like an old man backing his Lincoln Town OCar over handicapped parking sign. | Dylan Sprouse @dylansprouse Happy two year anniversary. Here's us looking more alike with each passing year until single beast with four arms and four legs runs at top speed 50mph and screams like baboon at nearby travelers trespassing into our woods many more!

Creative Posts From Internet Poets

Move over, Shakespeare.
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Who Cares What It Says? It's Right!

twitter the bible christians - 8428344320
Funny dank memes, credit card declines memes, reddit memes, therapy, tattoo artists | Tattoo artist tattoo is done. Credit card *declines* Tattoo artist : peeling potato | Doctor removed bullet skull My card declines Doctor made with mematic person pointing gun at themselves

'Credit Card Declines' Memes Imagine Salty Instances Of Revenge

Glad the people who serve us are not this petty.
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Nazing to See Here, No Sir

twitter wtf donald trump politics - 8758837248
By Unknown

Location, Location, Location

twitter Walmart dating - 8369685248
Bad Advice, Shitty Pro Tips, Funny Memes, Life Hacks, Advice, Funny | bad boy @badboychadhoy my credit score is low but 's because want protect myself identity theft. no one can take out mortgage my name if can't even take out mortgage my name.

30 Terrible Tips & Life Hacks Nobody Should Try

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Former Baltimore Ravens Coach Brian Billick Lays Down the Burn on Twitter

twitter sports witty comebacks football burn failbook g rated - 8405397760
Via Uproxx

I've Got Bad News for You, Buddy

twitter Germany world war II - 8326269184

Tom Brady for 2016!

twitter history facepalm america football - 8431983872
Via chrisssy__cindy
kim jong-un twitter murica North Korea the interview - 262148

Just Sayin'

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