Chelsea Handler Wants Us All to Know Her Blunt and Cheeky Thought on Trump

funny political tweet chelsea handler calls donald trump a butt hole
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I've Got Bad News for You, Buddy

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Fresh & Funny Tweets For Very Bored People

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#LeBroning is Now a Thing

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karens, karen memes, stupid people, cringe, cringeworthy, funny memes, memes, facebook, twitter, facepalm, covidiots, anti mask | l'd like speak manager and police like speak police manager | Temecula Beth Talk 6 mins Have ever been restaurant does not give change pay with cash? My bill 47.20 gave waitress $100. and she only gave back $53.00 called over manager which our waitress She said don't usually carry change told her give my $100.00 back and l'll pay with credit card. Eighty cents would

20+ Sassy Memes That Roast Clueless Karens

No you may not speak to the manager
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Customer service workers describe the complaints that made them snap | flippy floppy @annikarainbow 00 Replying Keally22 Lmao red robin is worst. One time had woman complain her salad cold also had one customer tell they were "allergic ice brought them iced water and then they dumped water on floor

Complaints That Made Customer Service Workers Snap

Everyone has their breaking point.
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This is a Shot of Coors Field in Denver, CO Taken This Morning (May 12)

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Bad Advice, Shitty Pro Tips, Funny Memes, Life Hacks, Advice, Funny | bad boy @badboychadhoy my credit score is low but 's because want protect myself identity theft. no one can take out mortgage my name if can't even take out mortgage my name.

30 Terrible Tips & Life Hacks Nobody Should Try

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funny tweets, twitter, funny twitter, jokes, memes, twitter memes, social media, relatable, funny memes | Uncle Duke @UncleDuke1969 this is like time got new label maker BIG MOUNTAIN | Madimoiselle @drivingmemadi walking into bed, bath, beyond one beyond please cashier explodes

Funny & Fresh Tweets From The Humorists Of Twitter

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Funny dank memes, credit card declines memes, reddit memes, therapy, tattoo artists | Tattoo artist tattoo is done. Credit card *declines* Tattoo artist : peeling potato | Doctor removed bullet skull My card declines Doctor made with mematic person pointing gun at themselves

'Credit Card Declines' Memes Imagine Salty Instances Of Revenge

Glad the people who serve us are not this petty.
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Still Waiting on That Berth

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The Right to Speak With Your Gun

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She'll be Here All Week, Folks

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this week's best cat tweets thumbnail includes two pictures including a black kitten biting someone's arm and a black panther biting someone's hand 'Nose - Cats @SpaceCatPics i see no difference

The Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (October 23th)

time for some twitter puuuurfection
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Game 1 of the World Series Happened Last Night and Naturally Everyone Took to the Internet

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Still Waiting on That Berth