Hipster Jesus Is at it Again

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business names that are puns |  THORASSIC PARK 21ST CENTURY CHIROPRACTIC Jurassic park | PLANET GRAPES WINES SPIRITS 020 7405 4912 NETOFTHEGRAPES.CO.UK Planet of the apes

Pun Business Names That Really Went For It

Let's make chiropractics fun!
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Dammit, Now That's Stuck in My Head

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The Flow Chart of Awesome

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Beer Pong With More Than Two People

ultimate beer pong
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Two Eagles Having Sex in the Air Crash Landed in Seattle Park

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That's So Many Rights!

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Delta Needs to Learn a Thing or Two About Giraffes

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Best Stick Shift Ever

does the stick shift despense beer?
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Damn, Man... Not Cool!

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Woodworking Magic

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50 More Facts About the 50 States

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Seems Legit

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You Dig DOWN, Dingus!

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This is America, Not New York City!

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things that look like food but aren't | Zachary D Long @invadingduck found them Frosted Mega Wheats. | forbidden pizza rock shaped like a pizza slice triangle with crust

Stuff That Look Like Tasty Food But Isn't

So close!
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