I've Got Your I.V. Right Here!

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Found This Walking Out of the Airport...

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Let's "Crack" One Open!

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Oh Canada Snap!

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memes, lol, funny memes, dank memes, random memes, relatable memes, funny | All teachers, 5 years ago OMG so creative and talented sure be successful now: making memes on phone | My friend: Hey 's up having just watched 3 hours conspiracy YouTube videos if told Republic now under control dark lord sith? Count Dooku Star Wars

41 Fantastic Memes To Keep Those Monday Blues At Bay

Start the week off with some lolz
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The Worst Way to Ask Your Boyfriend to Prom

not sure if clever or racist
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Things Americans saw in other places that made them realize they were somewhere different. | Not_Harv_anyway 23 hours ago Standing small grocery store Okinawa, Japan could see top shelves.

Times Travelling Americans Realized "I'm Not In The U.S."

Different places sure are different.
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Traveling the Great American Highways in Style

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When in America

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things that look like food but aren't | Zachary D Long @invadingduck found them Frosted Mega Wheats. | forbidden pizza rock shaped like a pizza slice triangle with crust

Stuff That Look Like Tasty Food But Isn't

So close!
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Just Keep Your Head

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Dammit, Now That's Stuck in My Head

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Mad Cows > Guard Dogs

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Very Effective

Funny meme about school, getting suspended | You've been caught skipping class, you're suspended. Schools OK, thanks. Students
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The Best Family Ever

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