Ex boyfriend says he'll own anything ex girlfriend doesn't take, she takes everything

Ex Sets Ridiculous Ultimatum, Ends Up With Empty Apartment

A more level head would have at least made it out with some toilet paper.
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The Real Duck Dynasty

movies duck dynasty funny - 7901234688
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funny video Conan O'Brien reacts to burglary

Conan Reacts To Set Being Burglarized

They took the slate.
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The Worst Way to Ask Your Boyfriend to Prom

not sure if clever or racist
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Behold the Glory

bacon deep fried funny snickers - 8114872832
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Every Time I Take the Recycling Out I Feel Like an Alcoholic

too many beer cans in the recycling bin
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Tornado's Can't Stop America

america funny tornado wtf - 8116618752
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Good catch

sports gifs baseball funny win americana - 7807355904
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For the Man Cave

beer wtf candles funny after 12 - 8307769344
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The Best at Space

Canada america funny space - 8115762944
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A collection of times that expectations didn't line up with reality.

Times Expectations Didn't Line Up With Reality

Better luck next time.
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It's a Start, At Least

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Stop Judging My Ride

cars Memes funny americana - 7497731584
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funny memes about anime hentai weeaboos dragon ball z | pingu the penguin Anime protagonist: Has perfect chance kill enemy Anime protagonist: well now am not doing. woman popping out of a bush at a man passing by watching anime on sketchy website Hot singles my area trying bang

Tasty Anime Memes For The Weeaboo In All Of Us

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
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It's All About Priorities

tires smoking funny - 8278876672
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Wal-Mart Is Ready For March Madness

Walmart march madness funny - 8109614592
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