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Jamba Juice Robot Gets Dunked On For Failing Miserably At Its Job

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20+ Fascinating Facts For Perpetual Knowledge Seekers

It's never too late to learn
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Non-Profit Employee Joins Colleagues In Maliciously Complying With Bosses’ Absurd Demands

Settling the score.
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A Motley Assortment Of 40+ Different Memes

When we've got a long day ahead of us, there are a few important things that we have to have. A good night's sleep is helpful, but it doesn't always happen. There's got to be some form of caffeine involved just to get the brain working, and breakfast is probably also a good idea. However, to maintain our sanity, the most important part of the morning meal is memes. Eat up , because there's plenty more where that came from.
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Funny memes of Joe Goldberg from NEtflix You starring Penn Badgley, memes about being creepy, obsessive relationships | Him glad not one those crazy girls. ask her day went but already know her day went.

Joe Goldberg Memes To Satisfy Your Inner Creep

Netflix's 'You' is a meme GOLDmine.
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A Bunch of Dank Memes to Appease the Hungry Masses

Memes, baby
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Funny cursed and spicy memes and tweets, thanks i hate it, lol | eats 400 kernels unpopped popcorn before die guy he cremates Somon without.. | Lumberzack @ltsLumberzack dudvwels snickers have dick vein Gray @StfuSmoke 22h Make mad 5 words or less

20 Spicy Posts From Agents Of Chaos

Oh no.
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Funniest movies of all time, top funniest movies, funny movies, comedy

Top 20+ Funniest Movies of All Time to Make You LOL | Cheezburger

It can be hard to pinpoint the funniest movies of all time when asked. Comedy has been around for quite a while, and every generation has its own special style when it comes to making people laugh. That said, the urge to sit back, relax and enjoy some humor is pretty universal - especially when the world seems to be crumbling around us. Unfortunately, when the couch is calling our name it can be hard to muster up good ideas. Scrolling through Netflix's consistently deteriorating selection doesn…
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Comically Brutal Rejections & Cringe of the Saddest Kind

Press 'F' to pay respects.
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depths of wikipedia, wikipedia, interesting, funny, weird, fun facts, memes, funny posts

Amusingly Weird Gems Found in the Depths of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a goldmine of strange & funny facts
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Horrible tiktok therapist, sidequesttherapy, trauma dumping, emotional labor, wtf, bad therapists

Therapist Slammed After Accusing Clients of 'Trauma Dumping' During Sessions

Maybe you should rethink your career.
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Technician Exposes Filthy Water Used to Make Ice in Fast Food Restaurants

Very cursed
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40+ Zesty Random Memes for Humor Fanatics

Your memes are ready
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Smash Mouth Retires After TikToker Accidentally Cancels Steve Harwell With Insane Concert Video

He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
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17 Memes Against Those Damn Car Warranty Calls

Make them stop
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A Dank Collection of All the Best 'I Am Weed' Memes

If you're confused about all the ‘I am weed’ memes that have been floating around on Instagram and Twitter, let us bring you up to speed. Last week, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were featured in GQ's ‘ Couples Quiz ’ and the story about how they met was pretty absurd. According to the couple, Fox told MGK that he smelled like weed. MGK responded, ‘I am weed’ and then vanished. At first, Twitter lamented the fact that such a vapid line could sweep a babe like Megan Fox off her feet. But it di…
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