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20+ Entitled Karens & Nightmare Customers From Hell

They're baaaack
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Subway Brawl Turns Wholesome in Most NYC Video Ever

In possibly the most NYC moment of all time, an argument between two men on a subway platform turned violent as seen in a viral video shared by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Things quickly escalate and one of the men jabs and misses, hurling himself onto the subway track instead. The other man rushes over and pulls his contender up from the track to safety. The video ends with the two men appearing to reconcile whatever differences pushed them to violence. We love to see a happy ending.
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Dude Creates Foolproof App To Figure Out When Couples Split Up

Tech startups are taking notes
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Funny tweets about Oklahoma Department of wildlife conservation trying to be funny

Oklahoma's Dept of Wildlife Conservation Tried to Use the 'If You're Cold, They're Cold' Meme Against Us & Failed

Nice try.
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Woman Gets Catfished By Her Own Boss

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An Array of Dank Memes for Humor Enthusiasts

It's time for memes
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Movie Theater Worker Vents About Messy Customers, Sparking Mixed Reactions

If you've ever gone to a movie theater, you've likely witnessed the massacre of popcorn, fountain sodas, and sticky candy left behind for the workers to clean up. Sometimes it's so bad, it seems intentional, as if some moviegoers make a huge mess just because they can. But what kind of person acts like a complete a-hole just because it's legal? An a-hole, that's who. Movie theater worker @patrickjdennis_ vented on Twitter after a particularly rude crowd trashed the cinema on their way out.
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15+ Nerds Who Did the Math For Kicks

Who knew math could be funny
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Some Dumb Old Memes For A Little Entertainment

Coming atcha
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disgusting cooking hack trending on tiktok, steak and eggs cooked with matches

Disgusting Viral TikTok Trend Where People Cook an Egg on Matches or Stick Matches Into a Steak to Cook It Will Kill Your Appetite

Why would you ruin a perfectly good steak like that??
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Woman’s Date Baffles Redditors With His Ridiculous Misunderstanding Of Periods

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Perplexing 'Glitch in the Matrix' Moments Caught in the Wild

What even is real?
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Man Stunned To Find Movie Theater Food On Uber Eats

“I would love to pay a delivery fee for a dry-a** 'Nathan’s Hot Dog'”.
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British Headlines That Are Funnier Than They Are Newsworthy

Contrary to popular (American) belief, not all news across the pond is about Brexit. It doesn't matter where you are in the world—a small town is going to report on small news, and a lot of it can be pretty amusing. Pie shortages, suburban turf wars, illegally imported sprinkles, old men yelling at clouds—global mainstream media could never top the charm of local news stories about ordinary people. Twitter account @CrapLocalNews does a great job of archiving all the weird and comically mundane l
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Funny memes about Lord of the Rings

Tolkien Tuesday #72: 30+ Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

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Random Memes That Are Just Begging to Be Stolen

Let the memes take over your phone
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