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Funniest Christmas Decoration Memes That are Purely Ornamental

Hang 'em up
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Science-Related Memes For Smart People With Big Brains

Listen, it's okay to admit when you're not good at something, or knowledgeable on a subject. After failing chemistry three times in high school, I can safely say that science (with the exception of the environmental variety) is simply not for me. It's as though there is some kind of force field that keeps my brain from being able to comprehend most areas of science - and math. That said, my ignorance is not a reflection of the rest of the world that is chilling on the internet. It's become appa…
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Comically Chaotic Musical Instruments With Threatening Vibes

Cursed content for band geeks
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A Haphazard Pile of 42 Memes

A little bit of everything.
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A compilation of funny and punny animal memes

Animal Memes With Some Punny Themes

Do you like puns? If so, congratulations, you're in the right place. When left to my own devices, I am not a woman of the punny experience. My brain just doesn't really work that way. The puns I come up with on my own are borderline nonsensical. I usually have to explain them, which gets a lukewarm chuckle at best. Although not my wheelhouse, animals are a great subject for puns. You might say animal puns are hiss-tarical or a-moose-ing. See how punny that was! Since I have no skill for this ar…
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Awful Cringe That Makes the World Seem Like a Bad Place

There's no hope
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A compilation of memes about Disney movies and Disney theme parks

The Best Disney Memes of the Week (December 3, 2022)

Do any of you all remember the Peter Pandom ; the massive group of Tumblr fangirls who were obsessed with the actors who played Peter Pan at Disneyland? It was one of those phenomena that, upon reflection, feels like something I hallucinated when I had the swine flu. Do y'all remember the swine flu? Those were the days. Anyways, the fandom relied on teens who would go to Disneyland for the expressed purpose of telling Peter Pan all about their mental health issues. These fangirls would film the…
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People Debate the Dubious Usefulness of Cover Letters

250 words of nothing
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The Best Elder Scrolls Memes for Lovers of Lore

The year is 2050. Microsoft announces its tenth stage of pre-production for The Elder Scrolls VI with a still image of a misty pond in the woods. Geriatric Scrolls fans lose their damn minds (again). You think I'm joking, but it's a completely plausible scenario. But don't cry just yet—we've got memes! Lots and lots of Elder Scrolls memes! Just keep scrolling. Scroll the pain away.
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Funny random memes and tweets

Random Memes and Tweets For This Random World

It's finally here. The weekend. Many of you might be going shopping for the holidays , or getting cozy at home making some kind of project meal. I decided that I'll be making my dad's famous chili. It's a flavorful dish full of chunks of braised beef, two kinds of beans, and at least four kinds of peppers. The only problem is I'm not just doing this for fun. I'm doing it because I'm stuck in the house with Covid-19. I'm willing to bet that there are others like me, struck down after a family an…
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Funny tweets about spotify wrapped

More Silly and Spot-On Tweets About Spotify Wrapped (December 3rd, 2022)

Spotify dropped its yearly Wrapped feature on Wednesday, November 30th this year, and though it's only been available for two days, the memes and tweets just keep on coming. The yearly event provides users with a cute little slideshow of their listening data. It's only available on the app, and is predictably flashy in its design so that users will be compelled to share all their darkest music-listening secrets on other apps. This year, my Wrapped wasn't exactly embarrassing, but it wasn't “coo…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Super Memey Memes For Real Memeheads

I love memes . There, I said it. Few people these days are proud to admit they are memeheads, but I'm surely not one of them. I live and breathe memes. From the moment I wake up to when my head hits the pillow, memes are like sugarplums dancing through my head. I don't opt for more intelligent ways to get my laughs. Give me silly little memes, and give them to me now. Then again, few people are as lucky as I am. Not a lot of y'all can say that you work in the meme industry. If you're feeling a…
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Reddit users discuss which fast food places are the most overrated

Fast Food Fans Discuss The Worst Fast Food Restaurants

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woman points out serious hanukkah fails in home goods stores

'Just because it's blue, does not mean it's Chanukkah': Jewish woman goes on a mission to remove all the Christmas-inspired decorations in the Hanukkah section of stores

“I'm gonna offer a free service to all of these home goods stores—I will go through your Chanukkah section and find your Christmas stuff and take it out. I will help you with this!”
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A Decent Batch of Some Decently Funny Memes

Hello again, friends! It is high time for us to celebrate. We've nearly made it through yet another fabulous week on our illustrious planet Earth. How does it feel? Well. I'm honestly drained as hell and feel like the life (and what was left of my joy) has been violently and unforgivingly take from of me. And somehow, the long weekend hasn't really helped my mood. How many days off does it take to feel good? The weekly therapy sessions can only do so much to help quell the symptoms of the thank…
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the best and funniest dolly parton memes

A Cup of Ambitious Dolly Parton Memes for Anyone Who Needs a Break Working 9-to-5

Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen. Pour myself a cup of Dolly Parton memes!
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