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A Load of Dumb Memes for People With Low Standards

They're fine
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Times Kids Used Words In Ways Both Wrong And Amusing

We can’t fault creativity.
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A Collection of Clever Tweets Fresh From the Bird App

Twitter is a joke factory
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Funny Scottish Tweets, scots, twitter memes, lol, politics, scotland, language, funny | Dayna McAlpine @daynamcalpine_ my pals think living scotland is all beautiful rolling hills and friendly patter reality 's junkie shouting 'ye goin s te hen at because carrying 16 roll pack toilet roll

30 Nuggets Of Scottish Twitter Gold

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Juicy Local Drama From Small Town Folk That’s Both Amusing And Petty

Living large
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sexy times, sex, nsfw, cringe, gross, reddit, twitter, facebook, funny comments, oversharing, no one cares, inappropriate, funny reviews, funny, facebook, tmi | just had sex NOT WITH CAT WHY DID SCREENSHOT | Aunt Jemima Aunt Jemin ant ma hterlite O SYRACUSE.COM 2 MIN READ Great-grandson Syracuse's Aunt Jemima angry at her removal This is an injustice Ton Enn and my last girlfriend did some really kinky shit with pancake syrup. Just sayin 4h Like Reply

20+ Cringey Times People Overshared When No One Asked

We get it, you have sex.
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Prescription-Friendly Glasses Memes For Proudly Bespectacled Eyeballs

No condensation allowed
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Memes & Tweets With Mood-Lifting Qualities

Get your meme on
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twitter thread, twitter, funny tweets, funny twitter, nostalgic, olive garden, sizzler, pizza hut, fast food, restaurants, kids, food, funny, back in the day | John Crist @johnbcrist What restaurant did you think was nice as a kid but when you became an adult realized it wasn't that nice?... | O @robertcaruso • 23h Robert Caruso Replying to @johnbcrist Old-school Pizza Hut, where you sat inside Of a Hut and were served Pizza or fetched it from a hot bar, was good. It was a pure and good place.

Twitter Thread: People Recall Chain Restaurants They Thought Were Super Fancy As Kids

Ah, nostalgia
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mean people, nice girls, reddit, text messages, cringe, wtf, relationships, entitled, toxic, relationships, funny texts, instagram, social media | glad are ok with body but maybe person get into relationship with isn't. She says she is but she would really like be on beach with her buff man showing his gorgeous body but she can't not saying this upset just food thought think are wonderful young man. | going speak calmly as everything say is taken wrong way. Yes use caps lock maybe little too

20+ Cringey 'Nice Girls' Who Are Blind To Their Own Entitlement

Very toxic content ahead
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anti work, bosses, i quit, work, employment, text messages, fired, manager, karen, relatable, antiwork, minimum wage, capitalism, salary

Satisfying Times Workers Stood Up to Their Terrible Bosses

When fed-up employees stick it to the man
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40 Painfully Relatable Memes That Just Get It

Memes for proud normies
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depths of wikipedia, wikipedia, interesting, funny, weird, fun facts, memes, funny posts

Amusingly Weird Gems Found in the Depths of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a goldmine of strange & funny facts
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ask reddit, reddit, funny comments, jobs, careers, funny stories, job application, job memes, work, work sucks, bosses, red flag | Space2345 5d they ask out no where clients can bring with Reply 6.3k stupidlyugly 5d interviewed with MetLife insurance about twenty years ago. They demanded provide them with contact list no fewer than hundred friends and family. Noped out quickly. 4.4k WineAndDogs2020 5d Sure wasn't an interview with an MLM? | once told Sometimes hourly workers go on strike and

Blaring Red Flags People Noticed During Job Interviews

These people really dodged a bullet
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TikTok sound revived by hilarious new viral video, scouse accent

Viral TikTok Sound Revived As a Snapchat Argument In the Heaviest "Scouse" Accent is Hilarious and Confusing

Americans are asking for a Duolingo to step in.
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random memes, funny memes, dank memes, dumb memes, meme dump, funny tweets, twitter memes, memes, funny, lol

An Array of Random Memes and Funny Internet Things

Come and get 'em
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