Funny roasts of Altoona Style pizza

'Altoona Style Pizza' Is the Latest Food Crime to Infuriate the Internet

The world has a lot of opinions regarding pizza. The pineapple on pizza debate has been raging for years. And we all know that Swedish banana pizza deserves a top spot in the Pizza Hall of Shame. But this weekend the internet found a new phenomenon to rage about: “Altoona Style Pizza." The revelation came courtesy of
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20+ Fascinating Facts For Perpetual Knowledge Seekers

It's never too late to learn
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People Discuss the Weird & Cringe Things They Say When Trying to Seem Polite

The brain tends to go on autopilot when "polite mode" is triggered
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A Humble Assortment of Memes for Bored Perusal

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People Explain How Being Poor is Actually Really Expensive

Being broke is expensive
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Funny texts, scammer getting trolled, itunes gift cards | 1D barcode - 6:27 +1 (740) 673-0132 iTunes QW44EATADICK4A7D $1 88590991989 send receipt cards

Creative Dude Expertly Trolls Text Scammer With The Help Of Photoshop

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A Troupe of Pretty Good Memes for Boring Times

It's meme time
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20+ Posts From A Parody Facebook Group Where People LARP As Boomers

Comedy gold
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20+ Wholesome & Respectful Memes for Detoxing the Mind

Memes for feeling nice
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Posts & Memes For People Who Hate Pyramid Schemes

Absolutely no one wants to hear more about those essential oils
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Entitled Parent Demands Teacher to Stop Using Metric System, Math Jokes Ensue

It'll bring a skilometer to your face
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30 Crass Book Cover Memes That Aren't For Children

We'd totally read these
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20+ Clueless People Who Got Wooshed by Stupid Jokes

The punchlines flew right over their heads
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A Bunch of Dank Memes to Appease the Hungry Masses

Memes, baby
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Company Catches Heat For Insensitive Reaction To Employee’s Death

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Comically Brutal Rejections & Cringe of the Saddest Kind

Press 'F' to pay respects.
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