Wholesome Twitter thread where children share business ideas, six year olds

Dude Asks 6 Year Olds to Pitch Business Ideas, Hilarity Ensues

Remember that dude who asked a group of six year olds to pitch some film ideas? If not, here's a memory refresh. We're here to share that he's done it again: successfully exploited the marvelous minds of children for a viral moment on Twitter. And honestly? We're not mad about it. This time, @GeorgePointon_ has asked kids to share some business ideas.
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Tweet Encouraging People to Discuss Salaries in the Workplace Sparks Debate

Should we discuss our salaries with our coworkers or not? What was once a workplace faux pas is becoming a common topic among colleagues, and a lot of workers have benefited from more transparency. But when @ramblings_and encouraged the workers of Twitter to discuss pay in the workplace, not everyone was on board. Most people shared stories about how they'd gotten raises after bringing up pay discrepancies to HR, but a number of people argued that it's no one's business how much money they make…
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diarrhea, poop, pooping, toilet, girlfriend, embarrassment, food poisoning, sickness, tiktok

Woman Has Diarrhea Emergency In Public Toilet, Girlfriend Steps In To Save Her From Embarrassment

Top tier relationship
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Funny meme and tweets that are against NFTS, nfts are stupid

Funny Memes & Tweets That Roast NFTs & Crypto

About a year ago I found myself in a funny position. A friend of mine told me about a very enticing job opening at the crypto company she worked for. This was around when NFTs were starting to blow up. The position was basically being a representative for NFT artists who dropped NFTs on their platform. The pay? Six figures. The people? I could have cared less. The only catch was that I'd have to do some serious research on these “non-fungible tokens." So I did.
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People clap back at woman who says men cant drink fruity drinks

People Slam Woman For Saying Men Shouldn't Order Fruity Drinks

This kind of BS is so toxic.
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An article about the creepy old man baby that is sweeping TikTok named Horace.

Meet Horace: TikTok's Creepiest Little Dancing Guy

TikTok dances are a staple of the platform, but Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae might have some competition in the form of a bald dancing animated man.
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Cringey and Disgraceful Wedding Moments That Deserve to Be Shamed

What is it with mother-in-laws who insist on wearing white to their kid's wedding? Is it rooted in some twisted Oedipal sense of rivalry with the bride, or is it just that some people need to be the center of attention at all times? On the flip side, there seems to be an epidemic of dudes who show up to their own wedding looking like they're about to do a kickflip at the local skate park. But the occasional outfit faux pas is a minor infraction compared to some of the heinous choices people mak…
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Ridiculous Dad Jokes That Are Bound To Elicit A Groan

Truly awful
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Dementia Nurse Realizes Why Patient Is Being Nice To Her, Gets Other Caregivers Sharing Cases Of Mistaken Identity

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Relatable Rock Band Memes for Musicians Who Know the Struggle

Everyone should start a band. You get to dedicate all your free time to practicing the same handful of songs that no one but your bandmates want to hear. You'll lose money at worst and break even at best. You get at least two free drink tickets per gig. Sound guys will automatically hate you. You'll get criminally ripped off by streaming services, but at least you'll get good exposure! What's not to love about being in a band ? If you've ever been in a band, even just for a few weeks before rag…
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A list compiling random memes from the internet.

A Stupendous Collection of Random Memes

Being “random” used to really get you places in society. In the 2000s, randomness was a socially currenency the likes of which we had never seen before, and will probably never
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Wholesome Memes & Images That Warm the Heart

Those warm and fuzzy feelings
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LGBTQIA memes, pride month, funny memes

LGBTQIA Memes Because It's Always Pride For Some of Us

There's an awful lot of discourse surrounding Pride. June ( Pride month ) is the only month that most evil corporations can agree on one thing: pretending to be inclusive and supporting LGBTQIA lives. The phenomenon of these companies adopting rainbows on social media, and pumping out pandering advertisements, has actually inspired a ton of memes of it's own. And once June ends? Well, things go back to normal. Gone are the colorful logos, and it's back to the cold, sleek insignias of the rest o…
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Gen-Z Run Company Goes Viral for Sharing What They Sign-Off on Emails With

Gen-Z Run Company Goes Viral for the Way They Sign Off On Emails

It's about time boomer office culture gets thrown out the window. Hello to Gen-Z's way of not hiding how you really feel on a business email.
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A Compilation Of Memes On A Variety Of Themes

This and that
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Weird and surprising facts that don't seem real, but they are, true facts that sound like lies, fake

Bogus-Sounding Facts That Are Certified Legit

The more you know.
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