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I've Put a Lot of Thought Into It

best of week plans survival zombie apocalypse zombie - 5654357760
By Unknown

Not Sure if Walking Under Water Counts

swimming the internets underwater zombie - 4776305664
See all captions By trevor13ca

Pillows, The Ultimate Weapon

zombie web comics - 8365518592
Via Slackmatic

The Unexplainable Destructive Capacity of a Zombie Army Is Too Real

Via piecomic

A Case For Vegetarianism

zombie vegetarians web comics - 7992737792
By Origami_Heart (Via Pablo Stanley)

We Must Taste Deeper

comments From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio zombie - 6189420800
By AHolyCorndog

What's Your Reason to Workout?

workout zombie web comics - 8409366784
Via Anything Comic

Extreme Laziness

lazy sad but true zombie web comics - 8082460160
By _Elizabeth_ (Via Jim Benton)

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

dads fights zombie web comics - 8158164480
Via Channelate

Why Fox News Wouldn't Mind a Zombie Apocalypse

Via Rob Tornoe

Don't Leave Me Hanging, Bro

graveyard high five zombie web comics - 8334857728
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Self-Directed Study

dungeons zombie web comics magic - 8528629504
By majic13 (Via Dungeon Grind)

Decisions Decisions

funny sad but true zombie web comics - 7903813632
Via Daily Dot

They Never Run Out of Ammo

punching zombie funny overly manly man - 7435040512
By alice12590
Funny web comic about a cute anime style zombie with a vampire friend, she loves dessert.

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The Walking Dead TV zombie - 4124992512
See all captions By Unknown