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Don't Hurt 'em

puns Videogames zombie - 7193959168
By Unknown

Try Shooting Them in the Legs

web comics zombie puns Try Shooting Them in the Legs
Via thingsinsquares

Being Healthy Includes Staying Alive

just girly things healthy zombie running funny - 7847188224
By tiggerzdad

He's Got Good Taste

zombie dating web comics - 8026481408
By fergieflo (Via The Doghouse Diaries)

They Never Run Out of Ammo

punching zombie funny overly manly man - 7435040512
By alice12590

Come at Me, Anybody

come at me bro nokia the internets zombie - 5950314496
By Shadow15991

How I Think 'Warm Bodies' Came Into Existence

zombie movies vampires twilight all right gentlemen - 6793173248
By FORDboy357
Funny web comic where a zombie, a werewolf and a ghost learn more about each others lives - namely that the zombie at the ghost's body.

Web Comic: Getting to Know You

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Brain Food

Via TheVeryNearFuture

Well, That Would Be Bad if it Happened to You

web comics zombies Well, That Would Be Bad if it Happened to You
Via slackmatic

Futuristic Zombies

sad but true zombie web comics - 8411809792
Via A Hamm a Day

We Must Taste Deeper

comments From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio zombie - 6189420800
By AHolyCorndog


edward cullen From the Movies twilight vampires zombie - 3862425088
See all captions By Loz100

Doesn't Seem That Bad

apocalypse obama reaction guys zombie - 5197778688
By AssTrance


The Walking Dead TV zombie - 4124992512
See all captions By Unknown

Wizard School Ain't Easy

Via Pie Comic