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The CDC is Doing Good Work, But Let's Be Reminded of History

sad but true ebola zombie web comics - 8295853568
Via Tampa Bay

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

dads fights zombie web comics - 8158164480
Via Channelate

Brain Food

Via TheVeryNearFuture

Wizard School Ain't Easy

Via Pie Comic

They Never Run Out of Ammo

punching zombie funny overly manly man - 7435040512
Created by alice12590
Funny web comic about a cute anime style zombie with a vampire friend, she loves dessert.

Web Comics: Zomcom Shows Us The Sweeter Side of Zombies

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Not Sure if Walking Under Water Counts

swimming the internets underwater zombie - 4776305664
See all captions Created by trevor13ca

Like "Slow Children at Play"

fry meme futurama run sign the internets zombie - 5078445312
Created by maxystone

Don't Hurt 'em

puns Videogames zombie - 7193959168
Created by Unknown


love The Walking Dead TV zombie - 4169265920
Created by Unknown

He's Got Good Taste

zombie dating web comics - 8026481408
Created by fergieflo ( Via The Doghouse Diaries )

How I Think 'Warm Bodies' Came Into Existence

zombie movies vampires twilight all right gentlemen - 6793173248
Created by FORDboy357

Truth In Advertising

advertising skin zombie funny - 7784917504
Created by Feej

Doesn't Seem That Bad

apocalypse obama reaction guys zombie - 5197778688
Created by AssTrance

Re: Walkers

chips zombie old people chuck norris - 7304454144
Created by rickicker

Women Want Men That Respect Them

men relationships brain funny women halloween zombie dating - 8348948992
Via Jim Benton
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