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Re: Walkers

chips zombie old people chuck norris - 7304454144
By rickicker

This Is the Guy You Follow Through the Zombie Apocalypse

Via slackmatic


The Walking Dead TV zombie - 4124992512
See all captions By Unknown
Funny web comic about a cute anime style zombie with a vampire friend, she loves dessert.

Web Comics: Zomcom Shows Us The Sweeter Side of Zombies

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Why Fox News Wouldn't Mind a Zombie Apocalypse

Via Rob Tornoe

They Have a Steady Pace

The Walking Dead zombie funny - 7502921216
By MikeLSmillie

What's Your Reason to Workout?

workout zombie web comics - 8409366784
Via Anything Comic


guns stealing TV The Walking Dead zombie - 4362357760
By thefailninja

Don't Hurt 'em

puns Videogames zombie - 7193959168
By Unknown

The Unexplainable Destructive Capacity of a Zombie Army Is Too Real

Via piecomic

Know It, Live It

The Walking Dead puns zombie - 7139305728
By slipfill

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

awesome outside the internets wedding zombie - 5313961472
By sixonefive72

Extreme Laziness

lazy sad but true zombie web comics - 8082460160
By _Elizabeth_ (Via Jim Benton)

They Say This Style of Business is Dead

Via Jim Benton

How I Get To Sleep in a World of Monsters

kids werewolves vampires zombie web comics - 8131012096
Via Jim Benton

Like "Slow Children at Play"

fry meme futurama run sign the internets zombie - 5078445312
By maxystone
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