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Via Boycott Paper

Winter Wonderland

snow wtf web comics - 7946771712
Via Mister Hayden

Can't a Dog Sit in Peace

best of week dogs sitting the internets wtf - 6372873472
Created by Unknown

Jigglypuff's Reaction

Pokémon twilight wtf - 7246187008
Created by Unknown

But I Told You

Star Trek wtf - 5102010880
Created by morchid

Ahhh Jesus

FAIL google search orphan Star Trek wtf - 5098671872
Created by zeircei

She's Got a Weird Way of Doing It...

From the Movies Thor wtf - 4745283328
See all captions Created by Matamoros

Emotional Mix Up

wtf funny web comics - 7892573184
Via Eat More Bikes

He's SOOO Bored

alligator wtf bored funny - 7766979328
Created by marmaladebee

Preach It, Ice Cube

ice cube yolo wtf teenagers - 7347120128
Created by baronvonmoo

Money Problems

funny pennies wtf web comics - 7898139136
Via Pie Comic

Past vs. Future vs. Long Ago

star wars wheels wtf men in black will smith - 7336454656
Created by Nihzard

I Better Write This Down Don't So I Don't Forget

wtf gifs writing web comics - 8178633728
Via Warm Bug

Good Boys Get Treats

dogs wtf treats web comics - 7943472640
Created by Sombrasuke ( Via Cyanide And Happiness )

Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

wtf kool aid funny web comics - 7865474048
Created by Pancakes23

Well, Mr Asman

fox news pedobear science trolling wtf - 4428148736
Created by Unknown