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It is Legend

i am legend wtf batman funny superman - 7684372736
Created by Section8

Colorful Justice

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On Second Thought, I Don't Care Anymore

Babies best of week monster the internets wtf - 6108367872
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animals google google image search hedgehog sega sonic the internets wtf - 4133331456
Created by Unknown

Just Another War Story

wtf war funny - 7535921920
Created by Unknown

That Is The Best Science

wtf bewbs science funny - 7756511744
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Need Multiples

amazon wtf Videogames animal crossing funny - 7680361728
Created by Anaga808

Raking It In

leaves funny wtf web comics - 7896702208
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Life Eats You Up

wtf chocolate funny web comics - 7934600704
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Why Is That Cow Standing Up?

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Traffic Ahead, LOL

gps the internets truck wtf - 6402724352
Created by Unknown

First World Problems

wtf sad but true First World Problems funny - 7610908160
Created by Unknown

But What About Baseketball

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What Kind of Band Cam-? Oh.

band camp pedobear ptsd wtf - 4430027008
See all captions Created by KittehKapshuns

The Disturbed Process of a Hopefully Hypothetical Diglett Reproduction Process

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Dad's Talk About The Birds And The Bees

wtf funny web comics - 7906713344
Created by SultanofSchadenfreude