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Well It Was Dirty

laundry poop wtf web comics - 8333960192
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Can Fap. Can You?

Canada IRL the internets wtf - 4913093888
Created by ZenLikeCalm

You Asked For It

kissing nose the internets wtf - 6396801024
Created by Unknown

Eat It, Superman

pie batman superman wtf - 7080118528
Via Zekem93

The Earth and the Moon Have an Odd Relationship

mars is a total hobag according to the moon.
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wtf anime questions funny space - 7790411264
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wtf web comics - 8212788224
Created by anselmbe ( Via Cyanide and Happiness )

Jodshua's Fear

wtf bees funny web comics - 7871520256
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Funny web comics from adam ellis.

Adam Ellis' Comics Are Taking A Weird Turn And We Like It

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It Sure is a Grower

wtf pets funny web comics - 7858222848
Via Philosophy of a Knife

Modern Medicine

band aids wtf web comics - 7951783168
Created by Unknown

So that Makes Him...What?

cool looks nevermind wtf - 4504872448
Created by Vad3K

Your WIsh is My Command

wtf genies sad but true family web comics - 8502893568
Created by tamaleknight ( Via Jim Benton )

The Cage

mindwarp nicolas cage wtf web comics - 8081936640
Created by Origami_Heart ( Via Happy Jar )

Oh, You Know, Just Simple Cat Things Really

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Now He Thinks He's Mary Poppins!

wtf kids wings funny - 7804571392
Created by beernbiccies