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Goddamnit, Harold!

its-jesus jesus oh god RAPTURE wtf - 4809171712
By Yoman178 (Via lolbot.net)

I Owe Notifications?

comments facebook the internets wtf - 5099859968
By Adam Russell

That's How Accidents Happen

accident screaming the internets wtf - 4765928704
By alexblanco


condoms drinking Harry Potter hermione sex wtf - 4269815808
By wgmann03

Katy Lannister

katy perry wtf Game of Thrones funny - 7804217344
By Conexion93

First World Problems

wtf sad but true First World Problems funny - 7610908160
By Unknown

Well, That's Not Wrong

Babies wtf - 8596139520
Via Easier Said

It Sure is a Grower

wtf pets funny web comics - 7858222848
Via Philosophy of a Knife

This Companion Bot Just Learned What It is Required to Do

wtf sad but true robots - 7359636480
Via Zenigata

Guess He Doesn't Have Room To Give a Friend a Lift

hair bros school wtf web comics - 8369089792
Via Cutbu

When I want to watch something scientific

wtf youtube science - 7394124800
By CrazyCoyote


back to the future Doc Brown From the Movies lol puns wtf - 4222394112
By Unknown

Gives a New Meaning to The Phrase Happy As a Clam

Via Sticky Comics

The Earth and the Moon Have an Odd Relationship

mars is a total hobag according to the moon.
Via The Gentleman's Arm Chair

Love is Hard

jellyfish wtf web comics - 8083651328
Via Completely Serious Comics

The Future of Christmas

christmas wtf web comics - 7961981440
By Unknown
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