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Physics Won't Break Your Heart Pt. 2

einstein forever alone the internets - 4833149440
See all captions Created by Ziziky

Good Guy Greg Says Sharing Is Caring

friends Good Guy Greg sharing star wars the internets - 5257337856
Created by PrincessWordplay

Your Right!

correction Inception meme the internets youre - 5297885952
Created by AlexelMono

I Expect You to Die!

best of week comic james bond the internets twilight - 5456914432
Created by MaoDiggyMao


fish growing up jk kids the internets thief time travel - 4089000704
Created by Unknown

Terminators...Not as Clever as You Think

Cleverbot robot terminator the internets - 4678613760
Created by lolman7511

Samberg Does it Again

andy samberg facebook the internets the social network - 5103855104
Created by Kingben821

Goodnight My Child

computer shadowlurker the internets - 5855803648
Created by sekkuar

Zach Attack

ducks the internets wtf Zach Galifianakis - 4778737664
See all captions Created by maxystone

The Perfect Guy

best of week dead the internets waiting women - 5185567744
Created by Snake73

Dafuq Is Daffaq?

Harry Potter Movie snape the internets - 6508421376
Created by Unknown

She's Going to Squish the Cat

cat fall fry meme QWOP the internets - 5114717184
Created by maxystone


dinkleberg the internets Zoidberg - 5251472128
Created by Cattivo

So Now You Can Pet While You Pet

cat the internets Xzibit yo dawg - 5678070528
Created by Serrena

The Store Where You Have to Live With Whatever They Give You

april fools buying existential store the internets - 6049809408
Via Marc Gilgrey

They Put My Face in Their Book...

Awkward clever meme the internets - 5222472960
Created by Flatlined