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Now Here's an Alien I've Never Met Before

Aliens best of week comic doctor who superman tardis the internets - 5667250432
Created by Unknown

At Least It's Not Out of a Garbage Can

cheese life the internets - 6296539392
Via Nedroid

North Korea vs. South Korea

best of week North Korea south korea the internets - 6137470464
Created by Headbanger93 ( Via The Oatmeal )

Be Honorable

Challenge Accepted emo gender issues lol Music the internets wtf - 4256504576
See all captions Created by TRUE-ARO

I Won't Let Anyone Hurt You

laptop the internets toys - 6157942016
Created by Mad-se7en


animals drugs holidays Insanity Wolf sad but true the internets - 4263061760
See all captions Created by gabbyxx31

To the Batcycle

Badass batman meme robin Super-Lols the internets - 5885602048
Created by Unknown


cars celebutard celebutards From the Movies race to witch mountain the internets the rock - 3806024704
Created by Unknown

Run! Run For Your Nine Lives!

Cats the internets t rex - 5948913664
Created by Plastreaka

I Regret Nothing!

best of week cake food the internets universe - 6143615232
Created by LolWtfWasDat ( Via Calmblueoceans )

Dwight Schrute FACT

dwight schrute sarah jessica parker the internets the office - 5200690944
Created by DunderMiffliNate

Good Idea...

conspiracy keanu memebase mods the internets - 5842369280
Created by macsam

Yum, Burritos

best of week Death the internets - 6226539008
Via Butter Safe

Go to the Dance, They Said. It'll Be Fun, They Said...

dance kill me sad face the internets - 6512892928
Created by rohi727

Words on a Plane

alec baldwin the internets - 5536602624
Created by Unknown

Hemlock Makes You Trip

best of week comparison partying the internets trip - 5282430464
Created by Unknown
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