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It's so Realistic!

Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter photoshop the internets - 6502467328
Created by meganeguard

Safety First

kids seat belts the internets - 6410888448
Created by Unknown

This Note is Simply Smashing

facebook the internets - 4913521920
Created by Unknown

Come Closer

brain chuck norris seems legit the internets wedding - 5333864960
Created by Rebzo_91

Lindsay Lohan Is Looking Good These Days

awesome Music punk Sad the internets - 5916212736
Created by Unknown

Yo Dawgception

Inception meme the internets xhibit yo dawg - 5769196800
Created by Unknown

Don't Worry, You're Too Cute to Eat

best of week eat love meat pets the internets - 6206560768
Via Jim Benton

I'll Never Prank Again!

fire prank Sad shoes the internets - 6166092288
Created by Unknown

Stephanie's Cute, Too

Ad facebook Net Noob spam the internets - 5114498048
Created by droidfail2009

Close Enough

Close Enough drawing hand the internets - 5949261056
Created by Unknown


best of week school teachers the internets - 5346525440
Created by Snake73

The Water Garbles Your Voice

adele FRIDAY Rebecca Black shower the internets water - 5366788352
Created by hellooooparkingmeter

Listen to GLaDOS

gladOS meme Portal the internets - 5296576512
Created by DunderMiffliNate

Four Common Career Distortions

career jobs the internets work - 6048673792
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

At Least He Died With a Smile...Or a Migraine

computer Death Movie Nyan Cat the internets - 4862286080
Created by LowFatbacon


africa celebutard jokes knock knock rick astley rick roll the internets - 3708381440
See all captions Created by godwhite3
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