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The Dreaded Friendzone

friendzone sad but true the internets - 5649777408
Created by Unknown

And We Didn't Make Jokes About Old People on It

internet old people the internets - 6327725312
Created by Unknown


reaction guys the internets - 4350032640
See all captions Created by paland3

Memedates Matches

me gusta relationships the internets troll - 5582401024
Created by potorrero


face replace fire the internets - 4330210048
Created by Unknown

Everybody Needs Some Lovin'

bullying jerk kissing the internets - 6434073344
Created by BumWilliam ( Via Gunshow Comic )

That'd Be a Shame

best of week poo the internets - 5999773952
Created by Unknown


fishing Music nevermind nirvana pedobear the internets - 4041716992
Created by Unknown

Good Guy Greg to the Rescue!

comments Good Guy Greg jobs the internets - 5418378752
Created by PrincessWordplay


america reaction guys the internets t rex washington - 3192908032
Created by ihasacheesesteak

Seriously? Have You Heard Them?

British London olympics one direction the internets - 6463262976
Via Huffington Post

The Worserest the Better

all the things mistakes the internets - 5455343104
Created by Unknown

Can't a Dog Sit in Peace

best of week dogs sitting the internets wtf - 6372873472
Created by Unknown

Why We Love Kids Playing Sports

awesome balls kids sports the internets win - 5897712896
Created by cratchmaster

Take Family Pictures With the Dog They Said, It'll Be Cute They Said

dogs shopped pixels the internets - 6393433088
Created by Unknown

Last Saved....

computer email history prontimes the internets - 5284825088
Created by Gearbox