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Poor Candy

candy obama politics news - 6680279296
By d_skrodz

How Medical News is Generated

Via Jim Borgman

Pretentious Crybabies Everywhere

apple google maps news x x everywhere - 6601023232
By PrincessWordplay

Unplanned Fatherhood

bad idea news pedo bear - 4644690432
By Strudelmann

They Look so... Fabulous!

gay internet news - 6608491520
By Unknown

Words of Wisdom

Movie bacon shortage news - 6665666816
By Unknown

Humanity Is Fail

news ikea monkey middle east - 6870145024
By PrincessWordplay

In Memoriam

news story web comics - 8522616320
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

Cat News Reports on Bacon

news Cats bacon web comics - 8190101248
Via Breaking Cat News

It Could Be Pretty Bad...

London news riot Star Trek UK - 5092723200
By cptgreenbeard

News Flash!

news web comics - 8163253504
By omegachannel (Via Gerbil With a Jetpack)

There is no God...

god news religion spider flying - 6844045568
By MrBlack2662

Unnecessary Censorship

news politics - 6400282112
By littledevil9 (Via Reporters Without Boarders)

The Cost of Being Informed

Via Title Wave For Books

Good Guy Sandler

adam sandler Good Guy Greg fans shirt news - 6652231680
Via Pleated Jeans

CNN and Their Thoughtful Discussions

news race sad but true funny cnn - 7625754368
By Unknown