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So Is This What Canadian News Is Like?

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Via Jim Benton

How Does That Even... What!?

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By EpicDitto


Aliens disappointment nasa news reaction guys science - 4226288640
By Unknown

At The Vet With Mr. Schrödinger

Via Bing

Son, I Am Frizzle Frazzled

news the internets - 5670928384
By iamstilgar

Poor Candy

candy obama politics news - 6680279296
By d_skrodz

This Reporter Works For The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee That Discussed Contraception Policy

girls news sad but true web comics - 8343726848
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Meanwhile, in North Korea...

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By Unknown


bill-oriley news TV - 4203198464
By nuclearbastard

But Its Really Important

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By Sparkyboy6

News You Can Trust

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Via St. Beals

Humanity Is Fail

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By PrincessWordplay

The Prophecy Is Coming True

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By Crunchybits

The News Today

crisis russia news sad but true web comics - 8093209344
Via Cartoon Politics

I'll See You in Season 6

Casey Anthony court Dexter news TV - 4950143488
By Legouletier

Please Be Trolling...

news disney trolling face palm - 6720714496
By Superzac