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They Look so... Fabulous!

gay internet news - 6608491520
By Unknown

At Least He Didn't Tweet With Mittens On

news marketing sms - 8051879936
Via xkcd

Poor Candy

candy obama politics news - 6680279296
By d_skrodz

This Photo Made It on the News!

news so close Photo - 6876338432
By acuritis

How Medical News is Generated

Via Jim Borgman

I'll See You in Season 6

Casey Anthony court Dexter news TV - 4950143488
By Legouletier

We Were All Thinking It...

jump South Park news - 6673421824
By tuladon

Meanwhile, in North Korea...

best of week China news North Korea olympics russia the internets - 6494042624
By Unknown

Pretentious Crybabies Everywhere

apple google maps news x x everywhere - 6601023232
By PrincessWordplay


Aliens blackberry news TV - 5308901888
By jef202

The Prophecy Is Coming True

news - 6522399232
By Crunchybits

It's Important

news dr-evil miley cyrus funny - 7627247872
By Unknown

Yeah, The Last One is a Sure Fire Winner

news friends funny web comics - 7901166592
Via According to Devin


Aliens disappointment nasa news reaction guys science - 4226288640
By Unknown

How Does That Even... What!?

news wtf - 7002992640
By EpicDitto

At The Vet With Mr. Schrödinger

Via Bing
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