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Yeah, The Last One is a Sure Fire Winner

news friends funny web comics - 7901166592
Via According to Devin

No Idea Where Else This Would Be Relatable

crisis news terrorists sad but true web comics - 8357127680
Via Death Bulge

Pretentious Crybabies Everywhere

apple google maps news x x everywhere - 6601023232
By PrincessWordplay

This Photo Made It on the News!

news so close Photo - 6876338432
By acuritis

Son, I Am Frizzle Frazzled

news the internets - 5670928384
By iamstilgar

Shockingly Morbid Moment Brings on Her 'Big Break'

Via toonhole

I'll See You in Season 6

Casey Anthony court Dexter news TV - 4950143488
By Legouletier

You Can Use Economics To Justify Anything

news in this economy sad but true business web comics - 8548481280
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Unplanned Fatherhood

bad idea news pedo bear - 4644690432
By Strudelmann


Antoine Dodson news the internets - 3825552896
By Unknown

Good Guy Sandler

adam sandler Good Guy Greg fans shirt news - 6652231680
Via Pleated Jeans


babe lol news TV weather - 4394944768
By Unknown

This Would Be Really Freaky Though

news web comics - 8249181696
Via xkcd

It Could Be Pretty Bad...

London news riot Star Trek UK - 5092723200
By cptgreenbeard

This Reporter Works For The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee That Discussed Contraception Policy

girls news sad but true web comics - 8343726848
Via Twitter The Comic

Culture of Violence

news Videogames funny web comics - 7809618688
Via Dorkly
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