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You Have Lost Your Touch Adam

adam sandler meme movies the internets - 5497763072
By NinjaKittehs24

An Alfred Hitchcock Christmas

movies - 6900841216
Via Incidental Comics


brad pitt From the Movies guns in a box movies sad but true se7en whats in the box - 4393521920
See all captions By bigmike67

Movie Night

movies weird wtf web comics - 8303045376
Via Time Trabble

But What's the Kick?

From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio meme movies titanic - 5446883072
By Itar

Guaranteed Not to Ruin Anyone's Childhood

web comics manly reboot Guaranteed Not to Ruin Anyone's Childhood
Via respawncomic

Cloud Meat Chance is The Name of My Final Fantasy Character

awesome mindwarp movies web comics - 8306754816
Via Erarg

Definitely Six

movies rain man - 6681134592
By Unknown

Nicolas Cage Motivational

movies TV nicolas cage - 7091798784
By deutschland_dash

Mean Fellowship

Lord of The Ring movies gandalf mean girls - 7083131392
By Unknown


celebutard celebutards From the Movies gremlins lady gaga lol monster movies - 4057631232
See all captions By LokNWykLeer

Get to It

From the Movies movies - 5185202176
Via thefrogman.me

This Movie Gets Pretty Existential at Times

funny web comics This Movie Gets Pretty Existential at Times
Via victimsofcircumsolar

Why is Everybody so Worked Up About This?

movies fifty shades of grey web comics - 8446018304
By acesanity (Via Sophisticated Stickmen )

Or is it?

dr evil air quotes movies xbox austin powers - 6939402496
By Kross16

Maybe This is a Sign You Shouldn't Be Friends

cellphones movies friends sad but true web comics - 8422659328
Via Toonhole