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No Animals Were Hurt in The Making of This Comic

movies web comics - 8142448128
Via Ubertool Comic

Reframed: Break Ups Are Rough

best of week doctor who Harry Potter movies TV twilight - 5491194368
Created by Poopay

Celebrity Stunt Doubles

best of week celeb kristen stewart movies plank the internets - 6266358272
Created by Vanos_Ira

Now a Car? Is There Any Role He Won't Take?

acting best of week movies nicolas cage you dont say - 6345655296
Created by Unknown

Why is Everybody so Worked Up About This?

movies fifty shades of grey web comics - 8446018304
Created by acesanity ( Via Sophisticated Stickmen )


celeb celebutard movies obama - 2929178624
Created by brownboy

Everything Old is New Again!

back to the future movies web comics Everything Old is New Again!
Via Nerd Rage

Watching Movies With Somebody Else

movies friends web comics - 8209934592
Via Death Bulge

Ducks Know The Score

drugs ducks cops movies web comics - 8328316672
Via Google

Hermione Is Impressed

Harry Potter movies hermione genius apple - 6935473920
Created by mcarter4
comic about a movie director who is a cat

Movie Cat Is a Big Shot Hollywood Director (25 Comics)

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Take That Bastard Out?

cops movies pun the internets - 6497135360
Via Butter Safe

Watching a Movie With The Ol' Girlfriend

cellphones movies girlfriends web comics - 8221298944
Via Bing

Origin Story

best of week From the Movies Harry Potter movies origin - 5934395392
Created by Comrade_N


bow and arrow From the Movies killing movies puns rambo Sylvester Stallone - 3858571520
See all captions Created by HTM

Mission Impossible Logic

computer logic movies Tom Cruise - 6529716224
Via Reddit
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