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The Voight-Kampff Test Is Here

captcha From the Movies movies robot test - 6319436800
By BorjaRS

Sometimes It's Okay to Follow Directions

web comics 3d movies Sometimes It's Okay to Follow Directions
Via acomik

What Part of "Everything" Didn't You Understand?

best of week cinnamon toast crunch movies the internets - 6287373824
By Erin

Cloud Meat Chance is The Name of My Final Fantasy Character

awesome mindwarp movies web comics - 8306754816
Via Erarg

Now Let's All Get Rich

best of week From the Movies Harry Potter Lord of the Rings movies star wars Supernatural - 5878990592
By Unknown
comic about a movie director who is a cat

Movie Cat Is a Big Shot Hollywood Director (25 Comics)

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Watching a Movie With The Ol' Girlfriend

cellphones movies girlfriends web comics - 8221298944
Via Bing

To Be Fair, There Are No Action Figures of My Neighbor

web comics To Be Fair, There Are No Action Figures of My Neighbor
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Sosa Won't Like This...

al pacino justin bieber movies murder ouch - 4503264256
By camo85

Things Giraffes Hate

hate movies sad but true giraffes web comics - 8026233088
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It's That One Scene From the Avenger's, Right?

From the Movies movies scene self referential the rock - 6250278400
By Unknown

Harry Potter Vs. Star Wars

best of week comparison From the Movies Harry Potter movies star wars - 5575561728
By Unknown

Dat Box

brad pitt From the Movies movies seven SNL whats in the box - 5377507840
By firebastard

Think About It

It's funny because I eat hair instead of popcorn because I'm poor and a slob.
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Avatar celebutard james cameron m night shyamalan money movies - 3725551616
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Rhett Butler Is Fuhrerious

From the Movies gone with the wind movies rhett butler - 5731295744
By Jiminy_Clickit