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It's a me Mario! If you've got a thing for the world's favorite animated plumber and generational hero, then you'll get a barrel of laughs and power up from these jokes.

Konami Conundrum

Via Nerd Rage Comic

How to Get Outta the Friend Zone

alcohol friend zone mario relationship true story video games - 5401912576
By SirKilmoreRyan

What Happens When...?

best of week explosion mario nintendo video games - 5284413184
By edouard.cour

Doctor Boo

doctor who mario TV boo - 6571692288
By JackXCaliber

And It's Dangerous

Videogames mario funny - 7651743232

First Mushroom

mario video games - 5600674560
By Unknown

Off the Edge of the World

best of week cruel mario nintendo 64 penguin video games - 5220470016
By p3hrmne (Via www.reddit.com)
funny comics, professor oak as a pokemon, hentai with bowling ball

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In a World Where Mario Likes Rings as Much as Sonic in Sonic Boom

rings mario web comics - 8381616384
Via hejibits

Nothing To Worry About If You Eat Mushrooms All The Time Tho

princess peach Death Videogames mario web comics Mushrooms - 8428347648
Via Mer

But Don't Worry, We Treat Them the Same

web comics mario peach bedroom
Via maximumble

I Think We Know Who's Player 2 in This Relationship

mario video games - 6393636096
Via Brawl in the Family

I Learned Everything From Mario

awesome best of week mario teaching video games - 5296240896
By Unknown

Nobody Remembers Luigi

web comics mario luigi Nobody Remembers Luigi
Via safelyendangered

A Promise Kept

gold Videogames mario funny - 7797539072
Via Eagle Lander

This Would Be The Best Smash Brothers Match

mario metal funny web comics Videogames - 7929167872
Via Blow The Cartridge
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