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Functioning Humans vs. Me

computers sad but true humans web comics - 8090508544
Via Sarah See Andersen

Schrodinger's Programer

sick truth computers in this economy web comics - 8570718464
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

That Title Also Describes My First Time

games computers video games web comics - 8386155264
By tonitmorro (Via Drawn Jobs)

Everyone Who Looks At a Computer Screen For At Least 8 Hours a Day Will Get This

Funny webcomic gif that anyone that looks at a computer screen all day will get.
By Unknown

An Argument With The Beloved

arguments computers singularity technology Office web comics - 8363077120
Via Partially Clips

Congrats on Spending Lots of Money Though

money computers gaming Overconfident Alcoholic - 6628955392
See all captions By Unknown

This is The Most Accurate Portrayal of The Evolution of Life in The Last 20 Years

computers sad but true web comics - 8306454528
Via Ingredient X

I'm Just Surprised to See a Unicorn, Let Alone One Using The Computer

ads computers puns unicorns web comics - 7977693952
Via Unearthed Comics

The Best Way to Monitor Any Load Bars

Via Commit Strip


computers From the Movies puns sex tron - 4286651648
See all captions By seyzen

I Love You, Internet

best of week computers cupid internets love the internets - 6349095680
By Unknown

Pro Gear, Pro Attitude

computers mac funny - 7559772928
By Unknown

That's Why Sharks Exist

computers relationships sharks dating - 8392926208
Via Bing

Yeah, I Know

yikes computers technology the ring funny - 7460296192
By lolnein (Via lolnein.com)

I Think My Computer Hates Me

computers sad but true work sucks web comics - 8514114816
By Derp-a-derp (Via Glasbergen)

Embrace The Change!

computers new years sad but true web comics - 7979330048
Via Zeit Magazine