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Future Detectives

computers detectives problems web comics - 7948371200
By omegachannel (Via Sent From The Moon)

Business Cat Has No Tolerance For This Kind of Malarky

computers Business Cat web comics - 8388357888
By anselmbe (Via Happy Jar)

I Was Wrong

computers funny web comics - 7892253440
Via Owl Turd

Working in I.T. is Like Being Married

marriage computers web comics - 8208874240
Via Lingvistov

6 Reasons Why People Who Work With Computers Seem to Have a Lot of Spare Time

Via Evil Jaymz

One Day

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Via Toothpaste For Dinner


computers egypt technology the internets - 4432784640
See all captions By ovk

Something Really Important Just Happened

computers studying web comics - 7936367616
Via Jeremy Kaye

That's Some Electric Thinking

Aliens computers lights power web comics - 8259723008
Via Depressed Alien

A Logical Strategy For Changing Suits

computers Jeopardy skynet - 4477513216
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The Old Fashioned Way

computers the internets web comics - 8163632128
Via Mr. Amazing Socks

That'd Make Me Feel Pretty Dumb

Bill Gates computers steve jobs - 6439319040
By mochaak

Technology's Sick Sense of Humor

Via Jay Unplugged

The Vicious Cycle

computers funny web comics - 7879551232
Via Jeremy Kaye

Oh, Jeff

dogs computers web comics - 8133822208
Via Pleated Jeans

The Computers Are Down

computers web comics - 8161963264