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Pro Gear, Pro Attitude

computers mac funny - 7559772928
By Unknown

Something Really Important Just Happened

computers studying web comics - 7936367616
Via Jeremy Kaye

Schrodinger's Programer

sick truth computers in this economy web comics - 8570718464
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

I Think My Computer Hates Me

computers sad but true work sucks web comics - 8514114816
By Derp-a-derp (Via Glasbergen)

Observing Aliens

Aliens computers - 6662273792
By WES (Via Hotchkisscomics)

The Key to Slacking Off at Work

computers work web comics - 8091837952
Via Minimumble

That'd Make Me Feel Pretty Dumb

Bill Gates computers steve jobs - 6439319040
By mochaak

This is Progress

computers life sad but true web comics - 8083182592
Via Ingredient X

The Afterlife For System Administrators

computers heaven devil hell web comics - 8333123072
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

An Updated Guide to Software Interfaces

computers modern living software web comics - 8221285120
Via Owl Turd

That's Why Sharks Exist

computers relationships sharks dating - 8392926208
Via Bing

That's Some Electric Thinking

Aliens computers lights power web comics - 8259723008
Via Depressed Alien

The Not-Using-a-Computer Problem

computers art web comics - 8408384000
Via Tapastic

Brilliant Idea, Apple

apple best of week business meeting computers the internets - 6327997696
By Unknown

The Anti Hashtag-Activist Activist

life computers hashtags web comics - 8209138432
Via Doghouse Diaries

Embrace The Change!

computers new years sad but true web comics - 7979330048
Via Zeit Magazine
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