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One of The Friendliest Operating Systems Out There

Via According to Devin

Those Changes Are Gone For Good

computers web comics - 7934854912
By omegachannel (Via Gerbil With a Jetpack)

Something Really Important Just Happened

computers studying web comics - 7936367616
Via Jeremy Kaye

Functioning Humans vs. Me

computers sad but true humans web comics - 8090508544
Via Sarah See Andersen

An Updated Guide to Software Interfaces

computers modern living software web comics - 8221285120
Via Owl Turd


computers nerds puns star wars the force yoda - 4038675968
See all captions By deemonseehorse

Make a Wish

computers wishes web comics - 8753220352
By wiscwisc (Via consolia-comic.com)

Computers Lie

computers web comics - 8386914816
Via Bing

Loki Loki'd my computer

loki computers funny - 7707213312
By adria_nyxx

Business Cat Has No Tolerance For This Kind of Malarky

computers Business Cat web comics - 8388357888
By anselmbe (Via Happy Jar)


computers funny web comics - 7876099072
By Sir Szaleniec

The iPot

apple best of week computers ipad the internets - 6310457856
By Unknown

The Anti Hashtag-Activist Activist

life computers hashtags web comics - 8209138176
Via The Doghouse Diaries

The Latest Apple Innovation

computers apple web comics - 8270566656
Via Gun Show Comic


computers doctor who mark twain sci fi the internets - 4198452224
By Unknown

The Afterlife For System Administrators

computers heaven devil hell web comics - 8333123072
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
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