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Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

Tell Your Brothers to Start Preparing Now

baby parenting uncle - 8279588096
Via channelate

Ah, the Miracle of Life

web comics babies Ah, the Miracle of Life
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animals baby birthday Cats crying Party the internets - 3232803072
Created by mseling

First Steps

baby trolling parenting web comics - 8773459456
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I've Got Your Nose

baby Harry Potter nose voldemort - 5051665920
Created by Unknown

Still Recovering from Memorial Day

baby drunk Party the internets - 4712521984
See all captions Created by yomamasanerfherder

It Was a Gift From Good Pal Jesus

baby birth cactus chuck norris joke jesus the internets - 6372919296
Created by Unknown

I'm So *sniff* Proud

baby bear grylls meme pee piss son the internets - 5719750144
Created by Unknown

It's Not as Restful as It Sounds

web comics sleep baby It's Not as Restful as It Sounds
Via pipanni

Gotta Love the Cream Filling

baby bj cake omg reaction guys - 4859326976
Created by Unknown

That's Cold, Brobama

baby face palm obama snow - 4910340352
Created by Molotovski


animals baby kids Memes pedobear sad but true - 4290069248
See all captions Created by sonozaki_raito

But Now That He's Here...

animals baby best of week cat pets pregnant - 5779067904
Created by Unknown
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