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Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

It Was a Gift From Good Pal Jesus

baby birth cactus chuck norris joke jesus the internets - 6372919296
Created by Unknown

They Grow Up So Fast

babies web comics phones They Grow Up So Fast
Via theverynearfuture

The Veal of Cannibalism

baby cannibalism From the Movies justin beiber - 5096434688
Created by morchid


at first i was like baby but then i noms - 3038711040
Created by foomis

First Steps

baby trolling parenting web comics - 8773459456
Via AngryatNothing

So That's Where They Get Them

Cartoon - Exause me sir, are you the f&tner? yes Uthis isfor you (angratulabons! Dad! And other amarting jokesfor new dads! anythingcomic.com
Via Anything about nothing

Plenty of Combined Experience

Via mrlovenstein

Baby Doesn't Carrot All

Via poorlydrawnlines


baby evil cute - 7078123264
Created by Unknown

Still Recovering from Memorial Day

baby drunk Party the internets - 4712521984
See all captions Created by yomamasanerfherder

It's Not as Restful as It Sounds

web comics sleep baby It's Not as Restful as It Sounds
Via pipanni

A Conversation With King Baby

baby royalty kings web comics - 8309138688
Via A Skinny Blackman

A Proud Father

cat baby stoner Father - 6718293248
Created by starr219

'Slept Like a Baby Last Night...'

Via linsedition


baby bragging creepy i accidentally monster sex wtf - 4413228288
Created by DjNightTerror

They'll Tell You Babies Aren't That Fragile, but How Do You KNOW?

web comics baby fear They'll Tell You Babies Aren't That Fragile, but How Do You KNOW?
Via assorted-color-flavors
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