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Fetal Neuroses

Babies web comics - 8321140736
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How Much is a Firstborn Child Really Worth?

Babies demons web comics - 8598496512
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Doesn't Have an Agenda

Babies nom nom nom pedobear the internets - 5207390208
Created by lolmike516

This is Why You Should Never Trust a Baby

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Baby's First Word

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So That's Where Babies Come From

Babies wrestling web comics - 8219369472
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My Bioshock Experience

Babies bioshock funny - 7578281728
Created by Unknown

Desires Shape Life


Clean Cut Guys Will Understand This Feel


Baby, Can You Get Me a Beer?

Babies beer puns web comics - 8124352512
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You Got The Power, Baby

Babies pregnant power web comics - 8211294976
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Babies boobs intelligence life milk the internets - 3127583744
Created by MommyisAngry

Where Babies Come From

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