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The Young Will Destroy The Old

Babies sad but true funny - 7681214464
Created by Prominaj
cats babies comic oatmeal funny lol relatable accurate versus vs kids kittens truth comics art artist | Babies shrieking into this world as selfish, amniotic, jam-coVered come goblins. FOOMP HRNNGG! Cats come into this world as kittens, which are independent, adorable, and not at all goblin-like. Def not Goblin

Cats VS Babies: Comic By The Oatmeal

Cats Versus Babies
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Pure Body Horror

Babies pms web comics - 8147218688
Via Sarah See Andersen

A Situation All Too Many Parents Know About Nowadays

Babies apps parenting phones web comics - 8323372032
Via Nathan Fakes

A Hatching Easter Egg

Babies easter jesus web comics - 8183665920
Via Super Glitch

Maybe You Should Take a Picture Later

web comics babies selfie Maybe You Should Take a Picture Later
Via thingsinsquares

I Wish I Knew Where She Went Off To

web comics babies I Wish I Knew Where She Went Off To
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Parents Nowadays

Babies pregnancy sad but true social media parents web comics - 8362106368

So That's Where Babies Come From

Babies wrestling web comics - 8219369472
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

When Your Friends Start Talking About Having Kids When They're Older

Babies adulthood web comics - 8763002112
Via pickledcomics

Battle of the Smoking Babies

Babies how is babby formed smoking - 4517790976
See all captions Created by Pothatuu

Pregnant People Will Get This

Babies pregnancy sad but true web comics - 8343517952

Babies Are a Great Reminder of The Grittiness Inherent in Life

Via Fowl Language Comics

I'm Horrible

Babies wtf funny g rated parenting - 7791593728
Via oritune.blogspot.com

This is Why You Should Never Trust a Baby

Via C Section Comics

What is This Baby's Story?

Babies mystery web comics - 8009342720
Via Poorly Drawn Lines